We are here for you every day and take care of your requests, projects and valuable data.

We connect people with solutions and communicate with you clearly and directly without getting technical.

REDSPACE is an owner-managed company with flat hierarchies with focus on cooperation, flexibility, agility, and the bottom-up principle.

Bibiana Jacob

Filmmaker and Production Assistant

Biby supports us in the post-production and she executes commissioned films for us from the planning to production. She has a sound knowledge of camera work.

Franziska Schlienger

Editor and Production Assistant

Franziska doesn't miss a thing when she edits films. She also helps us to look at difficult editing decisions with a different eye. She also supports us with her great knowledge in post-production.

Dominique Gasche

Owner and Post-Production Manager

Dominique manages our post-production, plans all the details and deadlines of a project with the customer. She is responsible for ensuring that the client's high expectations are met in every film and that nothing escapes our quality control.

Rolf Lang

Owner and Filmmaker

Rolf is the founder and owner of REDSPACE. As a filmmaker he realizes films from A to Z, from the first idea to the screening.

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